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The Goal Slayers Tribe was created in July of 2017 as an online group in an effort to uplift, share, and network with like-minded women from around the world. With over 1,000 women of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, one is sure to find daily inspiration or information she needs to take her life or business #upanotch. We are an influential global network of women entrepreneurs. 

We are the only community platform of high-achieving women of faith entrepreneurs focusing on personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

We are aspiring and seasoned, innovative leaders who are invested in personal and professional growth by making God our center base. We equip so that one can locate their unique gift, evolve into the woman she has been created to be and serve confidently. A Goal Slayer is often defined as a highly-driven queen who has big dreams, and puts her faith to work by creating purposeful actions steps towards her own definition of success. Inside of the tribe, you will find that we create a safe space to collaborate while inviting new ideas and opportunities that will allow women to set goals and crush them one by one.

Charlenia Snider, Thee Goal Slayer, is the founder and head curator in charge of the tribe. She and her ambassadors lead the community and together they create training, purposeful events and fun networking mixers each year. We invite you to take it #upanotch with us!

Charlenia Snider is a serial entrepreneur and woman of faith leading thousands in ministry and business. As a Pastor’s wife, mother, and change agent, she leads and teaches a life of fulfillment and optimistic change for continuous growth. With lively, interactive courses and business strategies, Charlenia captivates the attention of any audience. Her vision clarity helps goal seekers acquire new skills and techniques while experiencing fresh approaches to building global brands.
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The Goal Slayers Tribe is in no way affiliated with or invested in any businesses or individuals that are members of our community. We are a membership-based organization that provides business coaching and networking opportunities. However, we have no ties to the operations, decisions, or values of our members. Our role is purely to offer support and resources, and we maintain a neutral stance regarding the business activities and ethical standards of our members.