8 Ways to Increase YOUR Conference Value By 200%: Sis, Get to Work!

You've made the investment and are headed off to a conference. Great. Now what? You know you will have some great insights and experiences, but how do you make the most of these opportunities and learn from them? How do you take those lessons and put them into action when you return to work? These eight tips will help you capture key insights, share your experience with others, and apply what you learned during the conference.

  1. Take detailed notes: During the conference, take extensive notes on the presentations, workshops, and key takeaways. Capture essential ideas, insights, and any actionable tips.
  2. Reflect on the information: After the conference, take some time to reflect on the notes you have taken. Think about how the information pertains to your work, business, or personal goals. Identify the most relevant and valuable vital points.
  3. Prioritize and set goals: Based on your reflections, prioritize the key ideas and insights you want to focus on first. Set specific goals for yourself based on these priorities. Be sure that your goals are relevant, measurable, and achievable.
  4. Create an action plan: Develop an action plan to implement your acquired learning. Create smaller tasks from your goals and set deadlines for each task. Assign responsibilities and allocate resources if necessary.
  5. Share insights with friends: If you attended the conference with others, share your notes and insights with them. Discuss how the learnings can be applied in your work and collaborate on implementing the ideas.
  6. Take immediate action: Start working on your action plan immediately. Implement the ideas and insights you gained from the conference in your work or personal projects.
  7. Seek support and guidance: If you encounter any challenges or need further clarification on the conference learning, don't hesitate to contact colleagues, mentors, or the tribe for support and guidance. They can provide additional insights and help you navigate any obstacles.
  8. Evaluate and adjust: Periodically evaluate your progress toward your goals. Assess what is working well and what needs adjustment. Make changes to your action plan to stay on track and effectively leverage the conference learning.

Conference experiences can be life-changing. It's an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships, discover knowledge, learn new skills, and develop professionally. We hope you make the most of your conference experience and continue taking it #upanotch!

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