And The Award Goes To..Meet Mary, 2022 Goal Slayer of the Year!

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with Mary, the 2022 recipient of the Goal Slayer of the Year award. Mary was recognized for her outstanding contributions as a financial literacy expert and growth as a member of The Goal Slayers tribe, and I am excited to learn more about her journey to this achievement. In this interview, she shares the work that led to this award and her thoughts on the impact of being a part of The Goal Slayer community. Join me in congratulating and learning from the accomplished Mary O'Neal.


Tell us about yourself and why you started your business.

My name is Mary O'neal. Married with 4 sons, 2 of which are bonus boys. Their ages are 18, 17, 10, & 11. All boys! I mentor girls with Queens Being under the Lowcountry Youth Services. I have received my Certificate of Women's Entrepreneurship through Cornell University. I am a member of the GoalSlayers tribe and one year awarded "The GoalSlayer of the Year!" (All SMILES!) In January 2023, I officially launched my business called The Bookie. The Bookie was created to help solopreneurs bring financial clarity through simple systems while understanding their business's revenue and expenses. We also provide healthy basic financial literacy to teens ages 13-19 and technology skills to seniors. We also help you save money towards your short and long-term goals!


What's the story behind your business, The Bookie?

In my life, I have already been helping and coaching my mom and dad every month with their bills, checking their bank accounts to make sure they were not spending more than what was in there, helping with their cell phones, and how to operate computers.

People would call me for advice, or teenagers would ask me how to navigate their personal or financial life. The Lord showed me that I have already been doing ministry. Therefore, he has been plugging ideas and giving me strategies.

I am passionate about helping people and providing a warm blanket to those who need comfort through their finances and computer literacy.  Every step in my life was orchestrated. He had already connected me with a tribe called The Goal Slayers Tribe to help bring this forth. Who knew how influential being associated with this tribe would be!!!


What does it mean to be a Goal Slayer to you?

What a loaded question! And how much time do I have?! Haha! Being a part of The GoalSlayers Tribe has been ONE of THE most inspiring, fulfilling, encouraging, and rewarding steps I have taken in my life! I came into this tribe not even knowing that I would be a part. It was through making my first natural HAIR appt that I became a part! (Where's Tyra Berry?! My goal Sis). This tribe has grown me in business, personally, and spiritually. The women that I am connected to in this tribe are so genuine and honest. We represent the love of Christ. We draw by showing the love of Christ. We lead by our actions! We are kingdom women entrepreneurs who motivate, teach, and help navigate each other to the next level.

I love that you don't have to be an entrepreneur to join this tribe. I wasn't in the beginning. I teetered with the idea, and that was it. This tribe gave me the tools and resources needed to grow in every area of my life. EVERY AREA!!! Not just business! NO cattiness! We are centered and can lean on each other through prayer, laughter, crying, and vulnerability, and even have coffee, tea, water, snacks, or whatever while doing all that! Haha! I ABSOLUTELY love this tribe. Every time I speak of this tribe, I get so full.


How have you developed in your business and personal life since joining the tribe?

Since becoming a Goalslayer, I have learned how to set up a business, navigate systems, have an entrepreneurial mindset, and so much more!!!! Because I was a procrastinator, mainly due to self-sabotage, I was held accountable to launch my business! One of my sisters said, "Pick a number, name a month," and that was my date to officially establish my business! Now I didn't have any choice! After that was said out loud, the CEO and FOUNDER of the tribe spent some time with me developing my website, logo, vision, mission, and so much more! I am a much better business-minded individual because of this tribe. Invest in yourself! No one else is gonna do it for you! Personally, well, Lord! Whew!! I have gained more confidence, am not afraid to ask questions, am more outgoing and not as anxious, and am growing spiritually; GOSH! This list will take days!


Let's shift gears and discuss the upcoming conference this fall, God.Goals.Growth Conference in Charleston. What has been the most rewarding experience attending the conference? 

Gosh!!!! The Conference! WHEW!!!!! Any attendee who comes to this conference is BOUND to talk about it for days to come! The most rewarding experience as an attendee is the connection you feel during the conference. No one who enters will feel like they don't belong! If they do, I guarantee they won't by the time they leave! You belong in the room! No one there is worried about who's wearing what or whose hair looks like what. I heard women compliment those who were there...known and unknown. Smiles everywhere. Super DOPE! One year, the conference was held at a hotel. There was a young lady who heard the conference outside the door. She stayed at the hotel at that particular time. She came in. We received her and embraced her in that room! By the time she left that room, she had changed!!!! She was crying and thanking God! So rewarding! Nothing JUST happens. Everyone who is there is SUPPOSED to be there! 


Why should someone register for the 2023 God.Goals.Growth Conference?


What do you have to lose? I mean, seriously! There is no excuse. Tickets are $197. If you say, "Ugh! I can't afford that!" Well, guess what? There are ways to help make it affordable. If that doesn't work, I am the BOOKIE, and we help you save money towards your goals! If your goal is to save $197 and you're afraid you will spend it, I got you! The Bookie will hold and release it once you have SAVED the $197. NO Excuse! When you leave this conference, you will not want to leave when it's over. There is SOMETHING you will get out of it. Go get your ticket! >>>>


Well, there you have it! Y'all heard, well, you read what she said-go; grab your tickets for THE 2023 God.Goals.Growth Conference. 

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn about Mary, the 2022 Goal Slayer of the Year, and learn from her experience and insights. Her journey to success is a testament to the importance of hard work, dedication, and passion many members like her share in the tribe.  

Stay tuned for more interviews with members of the tribe. Now go encourage someone today to join us at the conference!  


Connect with Mary, The Bookie!

-Facebook: The Bookie

-Instagram: @thebookieofficial


-Email: OR

-Business Phone #: 800-457-3859

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