#Upanotch: A Midyear Check-in for Goal Slayers to Thrive

In a world of constant change, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. And let's be honest: you didn't start your business so that you could spend all your time responding to emails and chasing down overdue invoices. You want to get back to doing what you love most: making an impact on the lives of others! But to do this well, we all must reflect, review, and recharge to make the year's second half the best. Check out these few tips for a midyear check-in.

Reflect on your successes.

To get started, take a moment to reflect on your successes. What has your business accomplished so far? Have you reached any significant milestones or achieved any new goals? If so, what was the process like, and what did it teach you about yourself as a leader?

Next, consider how you could have done things differently to achieve those results. What obstacles prevented success from happening faster than expected (or at all)? If so, how will this information help guide future decisions and actions when tackling similar challenges?

Review your goals and intentions.

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. The midyear slump is inevitable for many people and businesses, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world if you prepare by setting goals.

Make sure each goal is realistic by asking yourself: Are there any factors outside my control that may prevent me from achieving this? Is there enough time in my schedule for all these projects? How much money do I need available at any given point to make progress on each project? What resources do I need access to before starting work on this project (e.g., equipment)?

Next, consider whether or not those same goals are still relevant; has anything changed since setting them? If so, return to the reflection questions to shift your plans.

Rest and recharge.

  • Take a weekend off. It's essential to do this, even if you can't afford it. The mental and physical benefits of taking time away from work will help you recharge and be ready to tackle the rest of your year with renewed vigor.
  • Nap whenever possible (but not at your desk). If napping isn't an option for you, take breaks throughout the day--even if it's just five minutes--to get some fresh air and stretch out your muscles before returning to work again!
  • Connect with friends or family members who aren't involved in what happens inside your business every single day because sometimes all we need is someone else who understands what we're going through so we don't feel alone in this world full of responsibilities that seem overwhelming at times but aren't too bad when compared against other things going on around us right now." Hey, isn't that what the tribe is for? If you're not a member, now is a great time to join so you have another support layer on this journey.

The year's second half can be a rewarding time for business owners. With simple strategies and some self-care, business can keep growing in the right direction. What's ONE area you will lean into a little more: reflect, review, or rest? Now is a great time to see those goals come to pass with prayer, reflection, and coffee. Grab your Wake. Pray. Slay bundle, which includes a mug, prayer journal & more!

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