Slayer's Paradise Signature Candle

Slayer's Paradise Signature Candle

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Step into the lush serenity of your very own tropical retreat with The Goal Slayers Tribe "Slayer's Paradise" Signature Candle. Designed to transform your space into a verdant paradise, this exquisite candle is the perfect companion for those moments of reflection and goal-setting.

As the Slayer's Paradise candle flickers softly in its stunning iridescent jar, a harmonious blend of ripe mangoes and rich coconut milk immediately envelops you, evoking the intoxicating warmth of a tropical garden at dusk. Each breath is further adorned with the sweet allure of blooming hibiscus flowers, transporting you deeper into your personal oasis.

But it's not just about the fragrance—this candle has a deeper purpose. Tucked beneath these inviting top notes, a subtle hint of patchouli grounds you, weaving its earthy tones through the tropical symphony and reminding you of your foundation and strength as you pen down your aspirations and dreams.

Crafted with meticulous care by Exotic Flames By Monique, the Slayer's Paradise candle is not just an object of beauty. It’s a tool for motivation, made from luxurious soy wax that ensures a clean, long-lasting burn. Housed in a captivating iridescent candle jar and topped with a sleek metal cylinder lid, it stands as a statement piece in any room, inspiring you as much with its look as with its scent.

Light the Slayer's Paradise candle to create an ambiance that enhances focus and clarity. Let its fragrance be a sensory guide to inner peace and creativity as you write the vision and manifest your goals.

Immerse yourself in the unique experience that the Slayer's Paradise candle offers and embrace the journey of becoming a goal slayer with every light of this exquisite candle—because every visionary deserves a paradise to inspire their path.

  • 8oz
  • Handpoured in South Carolina

Specially curated by: Exotic Flames By Monique